Google Will Digitally Transform Renault Cars With High-End Software & Cloud Computing! –

Renault, the French automobile manufacturer, is in talks with Google for a partnership to facilitate software services in its automobiles. 

Previously, Google has partnered with automobile manufacturers like Ford and Lincoln for similar purposes.

Read on to find out all the details about Google and Renault’s partnership!

Renault To Partner With Google To Create “Software Defined” Automobiles

Renault’s collaboration with Google is with an intent to create its vehicles similar to how a computer company creates software.

In the agreement, which builds on an earlier partnership between the two companies, Renault agrees to use cloud computing technologies to create what it terms a “software defined” vehicle.

The two businesses intend to develop a “digital twin” of a new car using artificial intelligence. In order to test and monitor physical things before they are used in the real world, digital twins attempt to reproduce them in a virtual environment.

As per both companies, they are extending their collaboration on software services for upcoming Renault vehicles, and Google will now be the French automaker’s go-to cloud provider.

Google And Renault Partnership To Accelerate “Digital Transformation”

According to a statement from Renault Chief Executive Luca de Meo, the partnership with Google would also aid Renault in accelerating its “end-to-end digital transformation, from the design of the car through its market debut through its manufacture.”

According to the companies, the agreement will assist Renault in creating new on- and off-road applications. Renault will customize users’ experiences to adapt to frequently visited locations, such as electric vehicle charging stations, and utilise data analytics to identify and fix any malfunctions in the way the vehicle operates.

According to Luca de Meo, the sophistication of the features and services that consumers expect is driving an exponential increase in the complexity of automobile electrical architecture.

The SDV strategy created in collaboration with Google will alter our vehicles to better meet the demands of future consumers. It comes with a shared IT platform, ongoing over-the-air updates, and easier access to car data.

Future automobiles could be built into platforms more akin to smartphones, with billable services and wireless key upgrades, according to automakers and technology companies like Sony, Apple, and Google.